Golf Masters

Golf Masters

Golf Masters

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The Masters Golf - 2016 [Day Three] BBC

TOP 10 SHOTS: Masters Tournament 2017

Rory McIlroy's Marvelous Golf Shots 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta

Play the most realistic 3D golf game, featuring 18 realistic golf holes with advanced physics. Single player full stroke play simulates real golf with amazing accuracy. Golf Masters touch golf players can use their existing save games to compare progress and handicaps.

* Dynamic Realism - Real world physics are used in conjunction with accurate club pitch and weight data to give the player real time dynamic feedback. Using accurate calculations, the ball flight path and landing are all determined dynamically with real world air friction and flight loft behavior.

* Golf Simulation – swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from different lies on the tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and greens in this realistic 3D golf simulation

* Game Formats - full 18-hole stroke play golf game format